Amella Caramels Giveaway

Posted by Lindsey On 1:18 PM

The people over at Amella Caramels sent me some caramels recently. I was excited to try these because of their unique flavors. Amella, the first Artisan Cocoa Butter Caramel is made from a combination of pure cocoa butter, chocolate, and a unique addition of real fruits or vegetables. In fact, they believe that they are the first company in the world to use fresh carrots in a caramel. They sent me the Amella Caramel Collection which includes Carrot Cake Caramels, Passion Fruit Caramels and Black Forest Caramels. I loved all three. The Passion fruit is bursting with passion fruit flavor. I am usually not a fan of white chocolate but I did love the carrot cake caramel, I could taste the carrot cake and spice.

Ok now onto the giveaway....

The people from Amella haave been so gracious to offer 3 of my readers each Amella Caramel Collection.

Ok how to enter:

Leave me a comment on this blog post answering the question, What one of these caramels would you like to try?

You can also have a second entry at winning a case if you tweet about this giveaway on twitter and link back to this blog entry and leave me a separate comment saying you have done this.

Must have a valid email address to enter.
Giveaway only for those in the USA. Sorry!

Deadline for this giveaway is Friday April 9th at 12pm CST. Winners will be announced Friday afternoon.

Three Winners will be chosen by number generator

83 Response to "Amella Caramels Giveaway"

  1. Definitely the Black Forest! I love cherry and chocolate together! :)


  2. mic Said,

    i would love to try the Black Forest caramels.


  3. Just tweeted!


  4. the_boda Said,

    I would love to try the Black Forest caramels! That's my favorite combination for chocolate and fruit!


  5. Misty Said,

    The carrot cake sounds delish.


  6. Misty Said,

    And I tweeted too:


  7. Carrie Said,

    The black forest sounds delicious.


  8. Jill Said,

    I'd love to try the passion fruit!!


  9. Nina Said,

    All of them sound so good. I think I would like to try the carrot cake first. It sounds so unusual but still yummy.


  10. Mommy Moment Said,

    Happy SITS day!
    I can't enter because I am from Canada, but that's ok!
    I hope you'll come visit me...check out some of our may have a good laugh!



  11. Yum...the cocoa butter caramels...they look super tasty :)


  12. malia Said,

    Yummy Blog! I'd have to go with the carrot cake caramels... since carrots are veggies I'm sure it's healthy!


  13. Pregosaur Said,

    I'm not in the USA so I'm not eligible for the giveaway, but Carrot Cake Caramels - OMG I want to try these!


  14. Jenny Said,

    Grats on your SITS day :D Hope you have a great week!


  15. ReadingRosie Said,

    I gained 10 pounds just reading your blog! Yum! Cute! Love It! Happy SITS Day :)


  16. Holly Renee Said,

    Passion fruit! Never had that before... MMMmmmmmm.


  17. Oh my goodness I am now hungry for all of the delicious food on your blog! I am stopping by from SITS early for your day as featured blogger. Congrats! Yum. You are very talented. Have a good day!


  18. Diane Said,

    you are one serious cook--although that figures since you're going to culinary school. wow the photos of your cooking are stunning. i beat your husband gained weight after marrying you if you cook like this all the time!!!

    Happy SITS day. Enjoy.
    Drop by my blog sometime...the welcome door is always open and I love comments.


  19. Julie Said,

    Just hopped over from your blog :) I'm sure I'd love to try the black forest!


  20. Sephysmomma Said,

    MMM they look good. I would want to try the Carrot Cake ones.


  21. Lucie Said,

    I would love to try the Black Forest caramels! Sounds wonderful! What a great giveaway!


    lucieluvsca at yahoo dot com


  22. Stacy Said,

    Ummmm....YUMMY! How can I choose one? I guess the Passion Fruit?

    Your blog is really fun!


  23. Alyna Said,

    YUM! Wow, I think I would have to say the carrot because it just sounds so unique! Usually I would say Black Forest but how could I not go out on a limb and try something different?


  24. Lucie Said,

    I Tweeted! lucieluvsca is my Twitter ID


  25. I clicked through from SITS, just so you know!

    I'm thinking the Passion Fruit might be a winner in my house. Although, a close second would be the Black Forest. Oh, decisions decisions!


  26. cheri Said,

    i'd love to try and join, but i live in manila! woe is me :(

    happy SITS day :)


  27. Steph Said,

    Mmmmm another vote for Black Forest!


  28. I'm interested in the Carrot cake ones...


  29. ArtistJess Said,

    Black forest! yum yum yum!


  30. budget chic Said,

    Happy SITS feature and wow that cake looks soooo good!


  31. My 14-yo daughter does the baking in our house so I'll give her this recipe. Sounds and looks delicious. Beautiful blog. I'm a real foodie too and come from a culinary family---my mom and nephew graduated from the CIA.


  32. GlowinGirl Said,

    Ooo- the Black Forest looks yummy!

    Congrats on your SITS day. I saw your m&m bowl cake. Cute!!


  33. Lori Said,

    Oh my, it looks fabulous! Wonder if it could be converted to gluten-free?

    Congrats on SITS! Love the blog. Now I'm off to read more. :)


  34. Happy SITS Day! Congratulations on your day. You have a YUMMY blog!


  35. It looks good! Congrats on your SITS day!


  36. Cheryl Said,

    Do I get more entries because I can't make up my mind? No? Thought not. Okay, ummmmmm, Passion Fruit.


  37. Nice giveaway. I would like to try the Carrot Cake Caramels.


  38. I just tweet this giveaway


  39. Anonymous Said,

    Wow. Those Black Forest ones are making my mouth water!!


  40. Anonymous Said,



  41. LindyLouMac Said,

    Calling by from Italy on your SITS day, Congratulations.


  42. Black Forest for me! Yummm!! Happy SITS day!


  43. Kristy Said,

    Wow, truly amazing stuff! Congrats on your SITS day!


  44. Karin Said,

    Happy SITS Day! That cake looks delicious, I'm printing the recipe out now!


  45. AmberRay Said,

    Happy Sits Day! The cake looks delicious.


  46. Katherine Said,

    The carrot cake caramel sounds dreamy!


  47. Katherine Said,

    Just Tweeted:


  48. Oh my heck this sounds so GOOD!! Have a happy SITS day!!!:)



  49. Kita Said,

    Congrats on your SITS day!


  50. Krista Said,

    I've heard about Hummingbird Cakes and never knew what they were. Looks like you've got lots of good treats!


  51. Happy SITS Day! I LOVE the M&M cake, too. So awesome that you're following your dreams and going to culinary arts school- you rock! I'll be back!


  52. chele Said,

    I'd love to try the Black Forest Carmels.


  53. Anonymous Said,

    I hope you enjoy your special SITS day. You've officially made me hungry. When's lunch?


  54. definitely Carrot cake caramels. Makes my mouth water thinking about it!


  55. Anonymous Said,

    Oh, the carrot cake! We love carrot cake in our house!

    What a great give-away!

    And isn't SITS amazing? I JUST discovered them and as a new blogger, I need all the help I can get!

    Becky D


  56. the momma Said,

    Great recipes!!
    Happy SITS Day!


  57. Jo Said,

    Oh my --that cake looks positively decadent and one I think I could easily veganize!

    Congratulations on being today's featured SITS blogger -- you seem to have a talent for creating yummy and eye-pleasing desserts!

    Much happiness and continued success.

    Enjoy your special day!

    Peace and serenity,
    'The End Of The Rainbow: Life After Bankruptcy'


  58. sarah Said,

    Umm this might be my favorite thing ever. I am going to get so fat... Happy SITS!


  59. Lindsay Said,

    I would want to try the carrot cake caramels!


  60. Terra H. Said,

    I'd like to try them all, especially Black Forest. Thanks.

    Stopping by from SITS. You have made some wonderful looking cakes.


  61. happy sits day. hummingbird cake is one of the only ones i've never made! it looks great!


  62. Enjoy your SITS day! I need a recipe for this weekend so I'm off to look around.


  63. theUngourmet Said,

    Happy SITS Day to you! Your cake looks fantastic! :)


  64. Lizzie Said,

    Oh that looks so good! I love a good moist cake. Happy SITS day!


  65. Missy Said,

    Wow! Happy SITS Day! This blog is no good for my weight loss goals, but I'm reading anyway and planning to try some recipes!


  66. Great cake. What a pretty blog.


  67. Charlene Said,

    I totally do not bake but this looks SOOO good! Congrats on your special day!!


  68. Sharlene T. Said,

    This is definitely sinful and you should be not be let loose to do anymore damage! I heard my hips grow just looking at that delicious morsel! And, you have more goodies -- all over your blog -- Oh SITSta, you are mine...Congratulations on your SITS day and thanks for sharing.


  69. InMyOwnStyle Said,

    Hi Lindsay - Yum Yum. I want to reach right inot the photo and grab a slice. I had a good friend who also got her degree in Culinary Arts. Like you, she always had great stuff for us to eat. I hope you enjoy your SITS day. Best of Luck with your studies.


  70. Happy SITS day!! The cocoa butter sound delish!!


  71. Wow! What a great blog you have here! Happy SITS day and I'm following you on twitter now :)


  72. :Ellie-Town Said,

    The black forest sounds awesome!

    Happy SITS Day!


  73. Morgan -Ing Said,

    Holy DELICIOUS! It looks fantastic. Happy SITS day!


  74. lauren Said,

    Black Forest or carrot cake!


  75. Black Forest caramels - looks like my Nanas - YUM!!!


  76. Anonymous Said,

    The black forest chocolates sound heavenly!
    june_spirit2628 at hotmail dot com


  77. Yum, black forest! Found you from SITS, just in time!


  78. Happy SITS day. I love your blog, although it's torture for someone watching carbs! LOL Everything looks yummy.


  79. thanks for entering and i'd like to try the carrot cake caramels. thanks


  80. Happy SITS day, I'm looking forward to reading more of your blog.


  81. CoCo Said,

    They all sound so good because I love caramel. The one that intrigues me the most is the carrot cake.