Chocolate Covered Matzo

Posted by Lindsey On 1:04 PM

Ever since Ben and I have dated I have been immersed in his Jewish culture. Growing up Christian, I knew nothing at all about Jewish holidays. Even though Ben doesn't really adhere to all the holidays and we don't go to synagogue routinely. I do try to show him that I care about him and how he grew up. The past few years we have had a seder dinner with some of our close friends. This year I was assigned the make the dessert and side. As part of the dessert I made this. I usually hate matzo but after making this once you cover matzo in chocolate it truly is amazing. This is so simple to make and you can add type of toppings you want.

Chocolate Covered Matzo
Adpated from Martha Stewart

11 pieces matzo (about 1 box)
11 ounces white chocolate, melted
11 ounces dark chocolate, melted
3/4 cup finely chopped pistachios, toasted
1 1/2 cups dried cranberries

Place matzo on a parchment-paper-lined baking sheet. Brush one side of matzo with either the white or dark chocolate; drizzle over dark chocolate, if matzo was brushed with white chocolate, or white chocolate, if matzo was brushed with dark chocolate. Sprinkle over nuts and fruit.

Transfer matzo to refrigerator until chocolate is set, about 15 minutes. Break into pieces. Serve immediately or keep refrigerated up to 1 week.

8 Response to "Chocolate Covered Matzo"

  1. Happy SITS day! Your blog just made me so hungry!! For something sweet and delicious! I love the macaroons!


  2. Christy Said,

    this looks so beautiful! i make mine with brown sugar caramel and then the chocolate...but it isn't nearly as pretty!
    i am stopping by from sits...and so glad i did...your food looks so amazing
    oh..congrats on your sits day


  3. Mmmm! This looks divine! I did a post with my recipe for Caramel Chocolate Matzah Crunch. It's kinda like toffee. Now, you have helped me to branch out next year. Thank you!


  4. simplysandi Said,

    Stopping by from SITS.. Yummy!


  5. Kim Said,

    This looks fab and I'm pretty sure you'd need to repent after you ate it!


  6. Lynn Said,

    What!?! That looks sooooo good. Is it wrong that I want to have that as my second breakfast this morning? ;o)

    My best, Lynn


  7. Anonymous Said,

    YUM! and I love how the colors look with the chocolate, cranberries and pistacios!


  8. Aimeé Said,

    Happy SITS day! I just sent this post to my Jewish friend who was just complaining that she hates passover food. ;)