Chocolate and Bacon?!?!

Posted by Lindsey On 6:29 PM

This post is very over due. Nick sent me these samples from Chocomize over a month ago. Chocomize is a really cool concept. You basically just pick what type of chocolate you want and you can choose up to 5 premium ingredients to add to your candy bar. I got to choose what I wanted. I chose a dark chocolate bar with sea salt, crystallized mint and crystallized violet petals. This was beyond amazing. I also chose a dark chocolate bar with bacon bits and oreos, GASP, I know bacon and chocolate???!!! I know its weird but if you haven't tried it I would recommend it. It is a huge fad right now and I am all about it. Yum! Check out Chocomize and you can make a candy bar for your sweetie for a fun Valentines Day Gift! If you type 'Valentine' into the coupon section of the checkout, you can get free shipping!

3 Response to "Chocolate and Bacon?!?!"

  1. Misty Said,

    OMG I want the one with mint and violet! So pretty!


  2. Chocomize is...different lol.

    I LOVE your ring.
    Stopping by form SITS


  3. Yeah, I agree Misty. The chocolate with mint on top was awesome. It looks so beautiful.

    Thanks for sharing this...