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Wow, so I haven't blogged in a long time. We are finally all moved and have most of our unpacking done. I really want to get back into baking and cooking and of course blogging but I have been working crazy hours at work and I started my last semester of school (yay!). I hope to start really blogging again in the next few weeks. To hold you over I have a giveaway...Beyond the Shaker sent me some samples a few weeks ago...

Beyond the Shaker specializes in gourmet salts. Some of the samples they sent me were
Hot Habanero Blend, Fumee de Sel, and Truffle Wet Salt. I have tried a few of them already and am a huge fan.

OK so Chris from Beyond the Shaker has been so gracious to offer a Top Salt Seller Gift Set to one of my lucky readers!

From the Beyond the Shaker Website-

This set includes:

  • Citrus Basil Blend
  • Hot Habanero Blend
  • Windy City Celery
Leading off our all-star trio of gourmet salts, is the flavorful Citrus Basil Blend. In this incredible blend, we use authentic lemon myrtle, a bush plant from Australia, to provide a refreshing citrus note. To further heighten the taste of citrus, we add organic lemon and lime peel. Organic basil combines well with the flourish of citrus, and also adds to the textural experience of the salt. All of which is structured behind some of our favorite salts, including light and flaky Murray River salt (which, like lemon myrtle, also calls Australia home). Sprinkle our Citrus Basil blend on olive oil with crusty bread, grilled chicken or try it on popcorn for a special treat.

Next in our best-seller set, we provide you with a jar of our Hot Habanero Blend, which will give your grilled dish a healthy kick of heat and flavor. Hawaiian Black Lava and Red Alaea are the crunchy, dramatic base of this salt, and hand-chopped chili peppers bring the heat while organic, dried cilantro adds a hint of cool, crisp flavor. You'll want to sprinkle it on chicken, shrimp, and just about anything else you want to give a little spice to just as these foods hit the searing sizzle of the grill.

Rounding out our best-seller trio is Windy City Celery Salt. As a tribute to the Second City, we crafted this premium version of the celery salt found on Chicago-style hot dogs. Our interpretation is inspired by the condiments of this classic dog, but than spiced up a bit with premium organic ingredients, including mustard seed and jalapeno. Try on the rim of a bloody mary, with deviled eggs, or in clam chowder.

No matter how you slice it, our Best Seller Set will make you a true winner in the kitchen!

Ok how to enter:

Leave me a comment on this blog post answering the question, How would you use these salts?

You can also have a second entry at winning a case if you tweet about this giveaway on twitter and link back to this blog entry and leave me a separate comment saying you have done this.

Must have a valid email address to enter.
Giveaway only for those in the USA. Sorry!

Deadline for this giveaway is Tuesday February 9th at 12pm CST. Winners will be announced Wednesday afternoon.

One Winner will be chosen by number generator.

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32 Response to "Beyond the Shaker Giveaway"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    I haven't experimented with flavored salts before, so I would be excited to try them out!

    I would try the Citrus Basil with seafood, maybe grilled salmon. Hot Habanero in a spicy red sauce sounds like a winner, and Windy City Celery sound great for a potato w/egg or egg salad. Now I want an egg salad sandwich!


  2. cara'sbrain Said,

    I would love to try these salts! I've been oogling their website but haven't bought anything yet. I would love to try these salts on scallop or shrimp to get the depth of their flavor


  3. Ashley Said,

    I've actually never experimented with flavored salts either, but I bet the Hot Habanero Blend would be great made into a compound butter and served over some steaks!


  4. EJacks Said,

    I've never used flavored salts, but my first thought is seafood. :)


  5. holstang Said,

    Yum, I would definitely use these to spice up some chicken! I'm always looking for ways to change it up! And I think I would have to add some of the Habanero on some fries or potatoes!


  6. Angela Said,

    I would use them to try some recipes for my NEW blog! They all sound yummy!


  7. Angela Said,

    I would use them for some recipes for my NEW blog, they all sound delicious!


  8. While I would definitely use them for cooking, I most want to try them on popcorn! The habanero would probably make me cry, but it just might be worth it :)


  9. Amy and Jeff Said,

    I have never seen these before! They look amazing! I would use them on chicken-my favorite meat. And I think the habanero would make a nice little addition to a snack of popcorn.... Yum!


  10. Misty Said,

    I would totally use these to flavor simple veggies, or in a mac and cheese. And I'm liking Ashley's compound butter idea!


  11. FayeD Said,

    I have a couple of their salts and love them. I would pair the Citrus Basil with a fennel slaw, the Hot Habanero with popcorn, and the Windy City Celery with roasted tomato bisque.


  12. Anonymous Said,

    Grilling season is right around the corner! I would imagine these salts are great on a variety of meats and seafood!


  13. Nina Said,

    I love trying different salts to flavor dishes. I think using some of these flavors on steaks would be great.


  14. Tiff Said,

    I would love to try these out. I would use some of them on sweet potato fries.


  15. i would make homemade potatoe chips!!!!!


  16. I would definitely use some Citrus Basil on grilled shrimp. Yummy. Hot Habanero in chili and I am not sure about the celery, maybe on some grilled fish?


  17. I would love to try these b/c my 9yo daughter and I just discovered cooking together. I'm certain she would love to experiment with these!


  18. Tweeted


  19. Jill Said,

    Oh yum those look good. I'd probably use them on either steak or chicken. I would love to try the hot habanero salt!


  20. dymphna Said,

    i'd give them to my son who is just now learning to cook.


  21. Aileen Said,

    I would love to try these on good crusty bread, dipped in olive oil and sprinkled with salt! That way I could really taste the interesting flavors.


  22. Kate Said,

    Celery salt for my sunday mornin' bloody marys!


  23. Carrie Said,

    Hmmmm...I'm not sure how I could use those since my DH was recently told he has high blood pressure so he's completely cut salt out of his diet :op

    Oh well, more for me then LOL I'm not a cook but I imagine I cold find something to use them on.

    Happy SITS sharefest!


  24. Romy Said,

    I am a fellow foodie stopping by from SITS to say Happy Sharefest! Haberno Salt would be used on Flank Steak for Carne Asada Tacos, Citrus on Grilled Salmon, Celery I'd try in egg or tuna salad :-)


  25. would love to use these in roasting!!!


  26. Michael Said,

    I would love to try your salts as where I am located,Eastern Kentucky, flavored salts and such are very hard to come by. They all sound so good and great for preparing meat, grilling, seafood, soups and sauces.



  27. Lorie Said,

    Would put the citrus basil on pasta, the habenero on grilled chicken and not sure about the celery. Thanks for the chance to win!


  28. Karleen Said,

    I love flavored salts,

    For the:

    Hot Habanero Blend would be good on steaks, or on the rim of a bloody mary.

    Windy City Celery would be good used in a quiche or in a potato salad.

    Citrus Basil Blend great on Chicken or fish.


  29. Leanne Said,

    I have never used flavored salts like this before, but would love to try them out on shrimp. These would be nice for grilling season.


  30. Leanne Said,

    I have never used flavored salts before but would love to use them with seafood. I think they would be great on grilled shrimp.


  31. Mrs.O Said,

    I need to step out of my seasoning box! We just got a bunch of steaks and other various meats that are itching to be seasoned!...I have also been thinking about ordering from Beyond the Shaker but was leary about ordering a bunch if we turn out not to like them. This would be a great way to sample!


  32. Jen Said,

    I would put these on some roasted veggies! Yum!