Lynfred Winery Tour and Tasting Giveaway

Posted by Lindsey On 11:00 AM

Giveaway now over!!!

I am a lucky girl because my favorite winery just happens to be pretty close to where Ben works. Often I have him stop by on his way home and buy some wine for me. I first stopped by this place a few years ago, my class actually had a field trip to Lynfred (I guess one of the perks of being in Culinary school, I mean who else can say they had a field trip to a winery?) we had a tour and learned so much about how they make and produce their wine. We didn't have a tasting, because there were some students younger than 21 in our class. But the students who were over 21 all bought some wine. That is the first time I got to try their Christmas wine. I love that stuff. It is spiced and tastes fantastic warm. Lynfred offers all different varieties of wine, but they specialize in fruit wines. I love their pear wine and their raspberry one.

So Christina over at Lynfred has been so gracious to offer some lucky readers of my blog...

2 Wine Tour and Tasting certificates for up to 10 adults (21 years of age or older) at Lynfred Winery in Roselle IL.


2 Wine Tasting certificates for up to 10 adults (21 years of age or older) at Tasting deVine (which is Lynfred's sister store) in Wheaton IL

so that means I am giving away 4 certificates! How fun would it be to do a wine tasting and tour with some of your friends? This is quite possibly the most awesome giveaway I have had to date.

Ok how to enter:

Remember this giveaway is for a tasting and tour in the Chicago Suburbs. If you live around the area or if you know you will be around the Chicago area in the next year then feel free to enter.

Leave me a comment on this blog post answering the question, What is your favorite type of wine?

You can also have a second entry at winning a case if you tweet about this giveaway on twitter and link back to this blog entry and leave me a separate comment saying you have done this.

Must have a valid email address to enter.
Giveaway only for those in the USA. Sorry!

Deadline for this giveaway is Wednesday November 25th at 12pm CST. Winners will be announced Wednesday afternoon.

Four Winners will be chosen by number generator

47 Response to "Lynfred Winery Tour and Tasting Giveaway"

  1. Sara Said,

    Oh how neat! I'd love to enter your giveaway. My favorite type of wine is Chilean Red- that's where my family is from.


  2. grosnl19 Said,

    My favorite wine...for red, pino noir and for white, reisling


  3. Said,

    I like Merlot wine!


  4. Anonymous Said,

    Hi Lindsey. My favorite wine is pinot noir. Kathy


  5. Anonymous Said,

    I prefer white wine over red wine...when I am out and about, I will usually order white zin :)


  6. Kristeno Said,

    I love red wines usually Pinots, and my favorite region, not that you asked, is wines from South Africa.


  7. Said,

    I used to be an only red wine drinker but have come to be a Reisling lover. But I enjoy anything light & fruity!


  8. Amber Said,

    I saw this posted on the Nest. My favorite wines are mostly whites (Riesling, Chardonnay, or White Merlot) with the exception of Concord. I love Concord wine. Cool giveaway!


  9. Anonymous Said,

    What a great giveaway! I have family in Chicago and would LOVE an excuse to go visit!

    My favorite wine is Riesling.


  10. B Said,

    My favorite wine is Reisling, but I LOVE fruit-infused wines!


  11. Anonymous Said,

    What a great giveaway! I love your restaurant review blog as well, it's given me so many great ideas for date night. :) While I can't drink right now (pregnant), I'd really love to win for my soon to be sister in law. She's in Chicago and recently graduated from culinary school. I would definitely consider her a wine connoisseur (her favorite is pinot grigio) and I know she and her friends would love to go.



  12. Anonymous Said,

    LOVE the Reds....Cabernet, Merlot, Meritage, Shiraz, etc....the whites are good, too, but prefer the reds


  13. pmurf813 Said,

    My favorite wine is a late harvest Reisling - and Lynfred makes a great one!


  14. Kristina R. Said,

    I love a nice chilled pinot grigio for white and a shiraz for red.

    What a great giveaway. This would the perfect reason for the Mr. and I to head back to CHicago to hang with our friends in the city.


  15. Stephanie Said,

    Rosé is the yummiest in my opinion! Its sweet and its a good wine to sit on the porch and sip as you talk about life!


  16. Carrie Said,

    How fun, I love Lynfred! My favorite from Lynfred is Barbera, but my overall favorite go-to wine is Syrah.


  17. Jill Said,

    Fun giveaway! I like pinot noir.


  18. Oh how exciting! My favorite is Champagne! I love the bubbles! My school nite wine is Montepulciano d'Abruzzo! Great easy flavors and great price! Cheers!


  19. My favorite IL wine is Alto Vineyards Chambourcin, but like you I can drive by their rural Champaign store on my way home. My favorite white is a dry reisling or the similar German wine that begins with a G but I can't possibly spell before coffee.


  20. Anonymous Said,

    I love Coppola Claret!


  21. I love riesling, but would also love to learn how to appreciate red wines


  22. Anonymous Said,

    I love red wine, specifically merlot.


  23. Corrie Said,

    Great giveaway! My favorite red is a cabernet sauvignon. Favorite white is a sauvignon blanc.


  24. Karen Said,

    Riesling all the way!!!! (mmmm.... Spaetlese.....) Specifically, Relax brand Riesling, which I'm happy to say is becoming easier and easier to find. My second choice is kind of a surprise: Barefoot wines recently came out with a Moscato that is OUT OF THIS WORLD. It is sweet, but not overpowering. Just perfect! I have yet to find any red wine that entices me as much as those two.


  25. Anonymous Said,

    Riesling, nice and fruity.... yum! - Angela


  26. Anonymous Said,

    Fun! I love most wine, but my hands down favorite is Sauvignon Blanc from Marlborough, New Zealand.


  27. Great giveaway! I just moved to Chicago last weekend and would love to entertain out-of-town guests at the winery! :)

    My favorite wine would have to be Chateau St. Michelle Reisling


  28. Jen Said,

    I love red wine, Reisling, and a good port.


  29. Kelley L Said,

    Pinot noir and shiraz!


  30. Anonymous Said,

    I love your blog and I love Merlot!

    Thanks so much for having this great contest!



  31. Anonymous Said,

    I'm so excited for your giveaway that I made a twitter account to share with my friends about it! Good luck to everyone!


  32. Anonymous Said,

    Hey again, I tweeted about this on my twitter to let some friends know about this giveaway.



  33. Anonymous Said,

    What a great give away. my fav is chardonnay & pinot grigio.


  34. Marc Said,

    I LOVE white zinfandel. Esp. the Barefoot one. Cheap and tasty!! yummm


  35. Buki Family Said,

    i tend to prefer white wines but i also like a good pinot noir... i really hope i win this one... sounds like tons of fun!
    sabeckstrom at yahoo dot com


  36. Buki Family Said,



  37. Kristen Said,

    I would love to win this one! My favorite is White Zin.
    Thanks for the entry.


  38. Anonymous Said,

    What a great giveaway!! I live a few hours outside of Chicago, up in Wisconsin, and my favorite wine is a great Riesling... it goes with everything!


  39. Anonymous Said,

    Yeah! I love wine! My favorite is Cabernet or a good Merlot! Thanks!



  40. Sarah Said,

    I'd love to enter! I usually like pinot noir for my reds, but lately I've been trying (and loving) malbecs.


  41. arroyal Said,

    Hi Lindsey,My favorite wine is Reisling! :)


  42. Kristen Said,

    What a cute idea. When my husband and I were dating a favorite activity of ours was going to wine tastings. We love tastings so much that we got married on a vineyard! My favorite wine is from this vineyard as is called Prindello. Its similar to peppery Cab.


  43. krisdi78 Said,

    I always enjoy a good Pinot Noir.


  44. LauraRA Said,

    I love a syrah or good shiraz. As far as fruit wines go, I love a Door County Cherry wine (and love being in Door County while drinking it!)


  45. Quinn Said,

    Sounds soo fun!! I always love a god dry Reisling.