Specialty Salts

Posted by Lindsey On 9:07 AM

I just wanted to thank Marx Food for this great sampler pack I got in the mail yesterday. Now I just need to come up with some recipes using these, any ideas?

I got...

Espresso Salt-Sea salt and espresso beans
Black Sea Sea Salt
Habanero Salt-Sea salt and habanero peppers
Hawaiian Red Sea Salt-Pacific Sea salt, red
alanea clay
Himalayan Pink Sat
Coarse Smoke Sea Salt-Coarse sea salt and natural smoke essence
Hawaiian Pink Sea Salt-Sea salt, Alaea (baked Hawaiian red clay)
Hawaiian Black Sea Salt-Pacific sea salt, activated charocoal
Szechuan Pepper Salt- Sea salt and szechuan
Green Chile Salt-Sea salt and green chiles
Lime Salt-Sea salt and lime
Ginger Salt-Sea salt and ginger
Gray Sea Salt-Unrefined sea salt
Fine Smoked Sea Salt-Sea salt and natural smoke essence

Thanks again Marx Foods!
Keep a look out for recipes using these great salts!

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1 Response to "Specialty Salts"

  1. I'm getting this too! Justin gave me an idea for the espresso salt..grind it up and use that in place of regular salt for a subtle coffee note. :)

    I think I'm just going to play around with them! I can't wait!