A Few Thank Yous...

Posted by Lindsey On 9:43 AM

Being a blogger is seriously the best. I love cooking and baking and being able to write about it and having people actually reading my blog is totally flattering! I am having the best time doing this and I am lucky enough that people actually want to send me stuff to try. Last week I got some chocolates from Cowgirl Chocolates

They specialize in sweet and spicy chocolates. In the box I got an assorted mix of both sweet and spicy. Some flavors that were included were Habanerno Dark Chocolate and Ivory Orange. They were all fantastic!

Then today I got a package from Newman's Own Organics. I was totally shocked when I saw how much they sent. We will be eating this stuff for weeks (maybe even months) So far I tried a few of the chocolate chip espresso mini cookies, which were very tasty! They even sent some treats for Miss diva dog Daphne (which she loves!)

Daphne enjoying her treats

Thanks Sally and everyone at Newmans Own Organics!

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5 Response to "A Few Thank Yous..."

  1. Velva Said,

    Free products to try is definitely a perk to blogging about food! You got some great products! Way cool!


  2. Gaspegirl Said,

    Great blog... I am stopping by from SITS.

    Make it a great day!


  3. Hi, I'm stopping by from SITS! I wanted to share a bit of comment love. ♥

    Wow, you got LOTS of goodies. I love it when I get free stuff! Daphne is SO adorable! That last picture is just TOO cute!

    I'd love it if you could come by my blog and check out 'Wednesdays for Wyatt'. This family really needs our help. You can win a prize, too!


    Have a great day!

    Teresa <><



  4. Missy Said,

    You had at chocolate. =)

    Stopping in from SITS.


  5. Lindsay Said,

    That is too cool! Do you have to write to them and ask for stuff or do they find you?