Diet and a Giveaway

Posted by Lindsey On 8:07 AM


OK well it is official I am on a diet. We got rid of all the junk in our house last week and we have been eating more clean and so far I feel so much better. I still love to bake, but now I am just going to be giving away more of it, and not baking too often. So be on the lookout for more healthy recipes here on my blog. I have been trying to drink more water, which is something I am really bad at, for some reason I just don't like the taste of regular water. I saw Metromint water at the grocery store a few weeks and I picked up some of it and was hooked. This water is amazing. I love it. I was excited when the people at Metromint ended up sending me this sampler pack.

The sampler pack included all of their great flavors

Chocolatemint water-Real mint unsweetened Chill factor -2 degrees. Quietly cool
Orangemint water- Real mint unsweetened. Chill factor -3 degrees. Mildly cool
Lemonmint water-Real mint unsweetened. Chill factor -4 degrees. Simply cool
Cherrymint water-Real mint unsweetened. Chill factor -5 degrees. Very cool
Spearmint water-Real mint unsweetened. Chill factor -6 degrees. Extra Cool
Peppermint water-Real mint unsweetened. Chill factor -9 degrees. Super cool

They are all great, but my favorite would have to be the chocolatemint water. It has a great chocolate minty taste and really satisfied my chocolate craving and I didn't feel guilty afterwards. Here is a link to read more about how this water is made.

OK Now onto the giveaway...

Metromint has been so kind and gracious and offered to giveaway a 24 pack of their water to two of my lucky readers. Two winners will win a case of their choice!

Ok how to enter:

Leave me a comment on this blog post answering the question, What flavor water would you love to try from Metromint?

You can also have a second entry at winning a case if you tweet about this giveaway on twitter and link back to this blog entry and leave me a comment saying you have done this.

Must have a valid email address to enter.
Giveaway only for those in the USA. Sorry!

Deadline for this giveaway is Friday October 9th at 12pm CST. Winners will be announced Friday afternoon.

Two Winners will be chosen by number generator.

47 Response to "Diet and a Giveaway"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    I love citrus, so I'd love to try the lemon or orange.


  2. Melissa Said,

    I have never seen them before. Neat! I would like to try the one you like best...Chocolatemint. Thanks for doing this giveaway.


  3. Melanie Said,

    Good luck with your diet. I am pretty sure if I somehow acquired baking/cooking skills like yours I would be in so much trouble! You should check out my friend Allison's blog sometime - - she writes a lot about healthier food, and since she is only an amateur, she can probably benefit from your culinary skills. Hope all is well! I love your blog. - Melanie


  4. Stephanie Said,

    Definitely the chocolate mint! That sounds so tasty. Plus, I love chocolate & mint together and it's water so it must be good for you, right? lol


  5. Molly Jean Said,

    Oooh lemonmint sounds VERY refreshing! I've never heard of it before, but I look forward to trying it!


  6. marci Said,

    It would be a tossup between peppermint and chocolatemint. But having chocolate without guilt? Yeah, I definitely have to try it!


  7. mamakrystal Said,

    I've been eyeballing these at the market...but the lemon and mint intrigue me the most. The chocolate mint sounds interesting. But I'm one of the types that has to try them all, too! LOL


  8. Lindsay Said,

    chocolatemint. or lemon. oooh it is too hard to decide.

    good luck with the diet!


  9. Jen Said,

    Good luck on your diet!

    I'd have to say the chocolate one sounds intriguing. Hubby would hate it, so more for me, right!


  10. Anonymous Said,

    mmmmm this sounds great..cherrymint sounds great..
    goodluck on eating clean!!


  11. Amy Said,

    Chocolate Mint sounds amazing! Great giveaway!


  12. Kara Said,

    Chocolatemint...YUM! I hope it tastes like a liquid version of a York Peppermint Pattie. :D


  13. EJacks Said,

    I'm definitely intrigued by the chocolate mint. Great giveaway!!


  14. Hmmm...I would have to say the orange or the cherry. It sounds really neat.


  15. Shawna Said,

    I think I'd like the lemonmint flavor! I've never seen them before, looks interesting!


  16. Leslie Said,

    I would love to try the cherrymint. What an interesting product!!


  17. Anonymous Said,

    Ive never saw this before!
    I would love to try the peppermint!


  18. Toby Said,

    The spearmint sounds good-- but the chocolatemint sounds tempting too. Awesome giveaway


  19. Nina Said,

    I really like peppermint so I think the peppermint water will be good. I would love to try it.


  20. Brian Roberts Said,

    Lemon-mint sounds lovely.


  21. MarathonVal Said,

    I'm in shock that everyone didn't say chocolate mint!! I have been dying to try this flavor. If it was chocolatey enough to satisfy your chocolate cravings... you can't beat that!


  22. I have never seen this water before. Coming over here from SITS to say hi! Good luck with your changes with eating and the diet, not an easy task but there is nothing like having proclaimed your goals in your blog!
    All the best and enjoyed looking around your blog.



  23. Ange Said,

    Chocolatemint—sounds interesting!


  24. Erin Said,

    I've actually tried a couple of those before! But not the lemon mint, so I'd love to try that one!


  25. Amy Said,

    I'd love to try the lemonmint, but I'm intrigued by the chocolatemint!


  26. Tiff Said,

    The spearmint water sounds good. I have seen these at the store but never tried them before.


  27. Cindy Said,

    I would prefer raspberry but do not see it, I don't like chocolate, so I'd say the citrus flavors.......


  28. michelle Said,

    I would love to try the chocolate mint flavor!


  29. Zoe Said,

    Peppermint!!! Although the chocolatemint intrigues me...


  30. Lindsey Said,

    YUM! Those look fabulous! I think the Chocolate Mint flavor would be my fave - probably like a peppermint patty treat! Made sure to comment this contest on Twitter too!


  31. Kaylen Said,

    Looks like the majority of us have the same idea--Chocolate and mint together are always a great idea!!


  32. Wow so intrigued by chocolate mint! I can imagine all the other flavors but chocolate mint water I'd love to try! Great giveaway- thanks!


  33. Linda Said,

    I would love to try the Chocolatemint first.


  34. Katie Said,

    I think the Lemon Mint would be good! And good luck on your diet, you will do great!


  35. elizabeth Said,

    I would like to try the chocolate mint!


  36. Abbey Said,

    I would definitely try the Chocolatemint


  37. lonesomedove Said,

    Interesting! I would love to try chocolatemint. Thanks for the giveaway!


  38. Eva Said,

    The chocolatemint sounds really good!

    evitawylie at hotmail dot com


  39. Kate Said,

    I love the original but I would be down for trying the chocolate mint!


  40. Amy and Jeff Said,

    Definitely the cherrymint! That is such a fun flavor.


  41. Jennifer Said,

    Peppermint! Because it reminds me that the holidays are coming.


  42. Karin Said,

    I am such a choco-holic. Chocolatemint sounds delightful!

    Oh...posted a twit at


  43. Jenn Said,

    Peppermint. I love iced peppermint tea, so I bet the water would be great also. So refreshing!


  44. Allison Said,

    Chocolatemint, definitely!!!


  45. Katie Said,

    Peppermint please! Yum!