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Posted by Lindsey On 2:57 PM

I was lucky enough to be able to attend a Foodbuzz community table event at Tru Restaurant last night. Tru is located in downtown Chicago just a block east of the Magnificent Mile. This amazing restaurant is owned by Rick Tramonto and Gale Gand. This was one of most amazing dinners, if not the most amazing dinner I have ever attended. It was truly something I will always remember. We were spoiled rotten with a 5 course dinner, amazing canapes, remarkable wines and great company.

We started out with some canapes...

-Scallop and Lemon Wonton
-Mini-Beef Wellington
-Cauliflower Sphere

We were then served our amuse bouche which was a smoked salmon set in a cucumber gelee with edible flowers served on top. I thought this was very refreshing and a great start to the meal.

Then came the Peeky toe crab with proscuitto, pequillo, cantaloupe-cava consomme. This had a great flavor and really tickled my palette.

Next came a frog leg with roasted garlic, carrot, and watercress-I loved the watercress on the this dish!

Olive oil poached scottish salmon with granny smith apples, coconut, and thai long peppercorn

Braised beef short rib with unagi, scallion pistou, and miso emulsion-This by far was my favorite dish of the night. The short rib was fork tender and juicy and WOW that miso emulsion was amazing!

Next came dessert which was seedling farms plum with sarsaparilla cream, milk chocolate, and ginger-lime meringue. Perfect way to end the meal!

As we finished our dessert we were served coffee and Mignardises-which is basically little bite size desserts served after a dinner. There were apricot jellies, passion fruit marshmallows, truffles and some other amazing little treats. All were fantastic!

An added bonus to this meal was that Rick Tramonto stopped in to say hello to all of us. It was unexpected and very exciting!

All in all, a great time was had and I met a lot of fellow food bloggers. Thank you so much Foodbuzz and Visa Signature!

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  1. MarathonVal Said,

    What a lovely post! I'm so jealous that you are in culinary school! Where are you attending? That's a pipe dream of mine..... if you ever need someone to taste test for you let me know ;)

    I added you to my Google Reader as well!


  2. Love your post on our TRU dinner, Lindsey. I wish that I had more time to talk to you at the dinner.
    Sorry you left when you did as you missed the kitchen was OK, but as we know a kitchen is a kitchen...I didn't even see a sous vide set up.

    Promise to post my Macaron recipe for you soon as I want to make them soon...but we have rains for a few days.

    Keep in touch.
    I added you to my blog list on my blog page and my blog reader.

    I finally had a chance to post Part I of my images and my take on our Foodbuzz dining experience.
    Part II tomorrow...


  3. Heather Said,

    Hey Lindsey - i forgot you missed the kitchen tour - but at least you've seena bazillion pictures on everyone's site!

    i posted my tru dinner experience too, this morning. adding you to my list of blogs i'm following too - i love to read about other's culinary school experiences! good luck!!


  4. Anonymous Said,

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