Happy Birthday Ben!

Posted by Lindsey On 10:12 AM

Tomorrow is my hubby's birthday. I just finished making this cake. I got the idea from Paige's Pantry. It was so easy and looks great.

Kit Kat and M&M Birthday Cake
from Paige's Pantry

10 full size kit kat bars
1 large bag of regular M&M's
Any two layer cake- I made a zebra cake which I will blog about later.

Cool and trim the cake so that it is level, then fill and ice the outside and top. Next take your Kit Kats break them into two bar sections, and start placing them around your cake. When you are done, spread M&M's on the top, making sure that you cover all of your icing.

88 Response to "Happy Birthday Ben!"

  1. wifeplzak Said,

    looks like a candy bowl, cute!


  2. Erin Said,

    It looks so pretty!


  3. ButterYum Said,

    Absolutely fabulous. My kids are salivating over your photo!!


  4. Jennifer Said,

    That cake is just TOO fun!!!! Love it!


  5. Michelle Said,

    No way!
    What a fun cake for a candy lover!


  6. Jenn Said,

    Such a cute cake! My almost-4-year-old son saw the picture on FoodGawker, and we're going to make it for his birthday on Friday! Thanks!


  7. Stephanie Said,

    I love it! I just sent my husband the link to see if he wants that for his bday because he LOVES kit kat and m&ms!


  8. Anonymous Said,

    It is extremely interesting for me to read that blog. Thanks for it. I like such topics and anything that is connected to this matter. I would like to read more soon.


  9. Megan Said,

    Oh, that is SUPER cute. I love it!


  10. Mommy Moment Said,

    OK, that is AMAZING! WOW!


  11. Happy SITS day! Now this is a cake I could make & would love to eat too! Thanks for sharing the idea.


  12. Anne Said,

    That's so cool! Happy SITS Day!


  13. Anonymous Said,

    My boys would love this! What a fun cake!


  14. This is awesome - Congrats on your SITS day!


  15. Christy Said,

    this cake is really great...i love the idea of using kitkats to make it look like a bowl. i am going to steal this idea!


  16. Angela Said,

    Looks delicious! I've been wanting to make this cake for a while now :)


  17. Michelle Said,

    Saw you over on SITs. What a fun cake. That is something that would be a big hit at a kid party.


  18. Debbi Said,

    Too cute! I want a big slice of that!


  19. That is adorable! I am totally trying this. My Fiance is coming home after being gone a month (he's military) and he is in love with M&M's!!!!

    Stopping by from SITS!!!



  20. Sephysmomma Said,

    Happy SITS Day!! This cake looks so good and so much fun!!


  21. Lucie Said,

    I just read about your cake on SITS and I have to say it looks delicious!!! YUM!
    This is a great way to make a different more exciting cake! I'm definitely going to try this one.



  22. yum! I want! congrats on SITS day!


  23. Stacy Said,

    Oh my goodness...how amazingly fun!

    Happy SITS day! I can't wait to read more of your blog. :)


  24. Future Mama Said,

    what a CUTE and original birthday cake!! So fun!!

    And what a cute blog!! happy SITS Day! it's so fun! Mine was yesterday!! :)


  25. My hubby will love this - his initials are WW so we're big M&M fans... Happy SITS Day!


  26. Anonymous Said,

    Dropping by here from SITS. That bowl of candy looks yummy!


  27. looks like a giant Reese's Peanut Butter cup to me with M&Ms on top...yummmmm


  28. My husband would love this cake!


  29. Anonymous Said,

    My son would LOVE you...and this cake. So creative!


  30. Cheryl Said,

    WOW! How does one go about eating said cake? I'd just look at it with puzzlement and awe. M&Ms are my favorite food because I get my daily greens, dairy, and just enough protien to call it a meal.

    Happy SITS Day!


  31. simplysandi Said,

    Stopping by from SITS. What an amazing cake!


  32. Amy Said,

    Sooo cute and neat!

    Visiting from SITS! Have a great day :)


  33. Eclipsed Said,

    It totally looks like a bowl of M&M's. Love it.


  34. Pamela Said,

    Holy cow... Is it wrong that I want to tie my hands behind my back and start eating??


  35. KC Mom Said,

    This looks like chocolate heaven! Happy Sits Day!


  36. Cassie Said,

    that looks amazing! Happy SITS day!


  37. Cheryl Said,

    Clever and fun! Stopping by from SITS - congrats on the feature!


  38. panamamama Said,

    Torture when I'm on a diet! Yum!


  39. Katie Said,

    Oh my, what a cute looking cake! I think even I could make that! Hope your husband had a happy birthday!


  40. Yum! I've seen something similar to this before - such a cool idea!

    Stopping by from SITS.


  41. Kerri Said,

    Happy SITS day!
    My husband's 2 FAVORITES are KitKat and M&M's!!! What a clever, very cool idea!! I don't know if I can wait til August!


  42. Bethsix Said,

    Adorable! I love it! My four kids' and my birthdays are all coming up in the next month and a half. I'm gonna have to try this one!


  43. KDC Events Said,

    HAPPY SITS DAY!! I have to say, that is the best looking cake! YUMMY!! I think I may have to use that for my sons upcoming 7th birthday =)


  44. That is AWESOME! My hubby would be wicked excited to get this for his birthday..hmmm, maybe this year. Happy SITS Feature Day, love your blog..now following :)


  45. Date Girl Said,

    Holy sugar rush batman! Seriously cute, but I think I'd be sugared out after one bite!

    Happy Sits day!


  46. Hi.. Visiting from SITS.. This is too cute!
    Merry Happy Tuesday! :)


  47. Dawn Said,

    Now that is my idea of a cake!!! Wow!! Happy SITS day-enjoy!!


  48. Tiffany Said,

    That is so awesome!!! Very clever.


  49. Dusty Said,

    That looks so neat! That would be great for a kids' birthday too!


  50. Sarah Said,

    Wow! That is really neat - what a great idea! Good thing my daughter wasn't here to see that..she would be demanding that we make it today.

    (stopping by from SITS..have a fabulous day!)


  51. Priscilla Said,

    Oh I an imagine the calories xD


  52. WOW! That is one awesome cake! How very creative and I am sure your husband must have loved it! Visiting from SITS!


  53. Happy SITS day! I want that cake!

    Molly Burke CPCC MSU
    Queen of Confidence
    "Even before I begin, I am made of win!"


  54. chele Said,

    This is fabulous! I'm sure he loved it.


  55. here from SITS and I am making that tomorrow for a church function!. Precious!


  56. Christy Said,

    That is completely awesome! My hubby's birthday is coming up soon and I think I know what kind of cake he is getting ... ;)


  57. Karen Said,

    I would never in a million years have thought of that! But now I'm going to have to steal it!

    That's really awesome.


  58. Jenny Said,

    Looks easy and delicious!
    Stopping in from SITS!



  59. Cashier Said,

    omg that looks sooooo good. I'm totally trying it. Stopping by from SITS! :-)


  60. Anonymous Said,

    This is so adorable! I love it.


  61. Young Wife Said,

    Awesome! My DH would love this. Stopping by from SITS.


  62. Kim Said,

    wow- that is SO cool! I'm going to show my mom!

    Happy SITS day!


  63. That looks so good. Found you on SITS. I will be back often when I want a yummy treat.


  64. If you eat it with your fingers - there's no calories right?!


  65. I am so excited to make this cake. My sis-in-law is an m & m fanatic. She's gonna love this! Thanks for the idea.


  66. mmmm, that looks so yummy, and such a cute idea! Happy SITS day :)


  67. Angela Said,

    Wow! Awesome cake! My husband would LOVE that!


  68. Angelia Sims Said,

    That is the coolest thing ever! Thanks for sharing. :-) Yum!


  69. Stephani Said,

    My husband loves Kit Kats. May have to make this for him! Great idea.


  70. Happy SITS Day! That cake looks so fun and delicious. I love Kit Kats :)


  71. Laddie Said,

    Dropping by from SITS. That cake looks good but we just don't eat that many sweets around here. Maybe I could do a smaller version.


  72. how cute! my future-MIL is an M&M addict and will love this! :) can't wait to hear about the zebra cake. SITS


  73. Anonymous Said,

    Happy SITS day! Love, love, love the cake!!


  74. Yankee Wife Said,

    What an awesome cake!! My 13yo aka the candy monster would absolutely love it!
    Happy SITS Day!


  75. Stopping by from SITS! A day late, but I just wanted to tell you how awesome that cake looks!


  76. Rachel Said,

    Ohmigod, this looks incredible. I just need to find the motivation to try and make it!


  77. So cute! A cake with tons of m&m's is sure to please. I just made a cake look like a mug of hot cocoa. Check it out here:



  78. Alexis Said,

    mmm..mmm..mmm... this looks so yummy! great job!


  79. I recently made this over the weekend and wrote about it in my blog. I also tagged you. Thanks for the recipe.


  80. Jess Said,

    Love it! I made this same cake about a year ago for my best friend's birthday and she loved it!!