Be Still My Heart!

Posted by Lindsey On 12:19 PM

Ok so the Wilton Tent Sale is going on right now, its basically an amazing sale they hold yearly (they didn't have it last year though for some reason)and this was the first year I went. I actually went yesterday but the line to get in was so horrible I decided to come back today bright and early. The doors were to open at 8am so we got there at 7am and were fifth in line. Yay! Once the doors opened we ran through the aisles and got everything we wanted. I got a TON of stuff all for only a hundred dollars!! Now I just need to find a place to store it all!

OK now onto the list of all the amazing things I got

-Ultimate Cake Decorating Tool Cady
-Ultimate 3 in 1 Cake Cady
-Pizza Pan
-Giant Cookie Pan
-Jumbo Cupcake Pan
-3 Even Bake Cookie Sheets
-Tons of Sprinkles
-Dimensions Giant Cupcake Pan
-Parchment Paper
-Cupcake Liners
-Pretzel Molds
-Checkerboard Cake Pan Set
-Round Fondant Cutters
-Party Bags with Ties
-Squeeze Bottles

OK here are some pictures of my loot. Sorry the pics are horrible, I hate my camera!

All in all if you are in the Chicago area and are into cooking/baking/scrapbooking head to this sale!! You will find tons of awesome deals and leave a very happy person!

Here is some info on this sale: Wilton Tent Sale

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5 Response to "Be Still My Heart!"

  1. Kristina R. Said,

    I am so jealous you got the 3-in-1 cake caddy. They were all sold out by the time I got in the tent at 10:15 AM.


  2. Cindy Said,

    I would love to do this sale, but alas, am 9 hours from CHicago.


  3. Carrie Said,

    I wish I lived there!!! I would love that sale and spend WAY too much. I cant wait to see what you do with the checker cake one, I have been looking to but it but didn't know how often I would us it.


  4. Anonymous Said,

    I don't think I can properly convey how extremely jealous I am right now!


  5. I went this morning (6/6) and I bought the cupcake carrier. Also got some of the Vanilla and the silpat parchment paper. We got there about 10 am and well we were out by 11. Quite the sale.