Happy Spring!!

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This weekend is the start of my spring break, so today I wanted to make some cute cupcakes to celebrate a week of no school. I just used boxed cupcake mix and frosting, because the butterflies took me forever to make, they turned out very good though. I love the book Hello Cupcake, this is the first recipe I have made out of it, and I can't wait to make more!!

from Hello Cupcake
Book and Recipes by Alan Richardson and Karen Tack

24 chocolate cupcakes baked in paper liners
2 cups dark cocoa melting wafers
2 cups orange candy melting wafers
3 tablespoons white nonpareils
3/4 cup dark chocolate frosting
1 can (16 oz vanilla frosting)
Yellow food coloring
72 brown candy-coated chocolates (M&M's)

1. Place the 5 templates for the wings (2 sizes) and antennae on 2 or 3 cookie sheets lined with wax paper.
2. Place 1 cup each of the dark cocoa and orange candy melting wafers into seperate ziplock bags. Do not seal the bags. Microwave for 10 seconds to soften. Massage the wafers in the bags, return to the microwave, and repeat the process until the candy is smooth, about 1 minute total. Press out the excess air and seal the bags.
3. Snip a 1/16-inch corner from each bag. Working on one wing at a time and using the melted dark cocoa, outline the template on wax paper. Go over the outline several times to thicken. Fill in the orange melted candy. Tap the pan slightly to flatten. Using a round toothpick, pull the dark cocoa into the orange to create the wing design. While the candy is still liquid, sprinkle the upper portion of the dark cocoa outline with the white nonpareils. Repeat with the remaining melted candy, melting additional wafers as needed, to make 27 pairs of wings (12 small and 15 large sets). Reheat the candy in the microwave for several seconds if it becomes too thick. Place the cookie sheets in the fridge until set, about 5 minutes. Follow the same procedure to make the antennae, using the melted dark cocoa.
3. Spoon the chocolate frosting into a ziplock bag, press out the excess air, seal, and set aside. Tint the vanilla frosting pale yellow with the food coloring Spread the yellow frosting on top of the cupcakes.
4. Carefully peel the chilled wings and antennae from the wax paper. Place 2 brown chocolate candies, 1/5 inch apart, on top of the cupcakes to form supports for the wings. Press the inside edge of a pair of wings into the frosting about 1/4 inch apart, allowing the wings to lean on the chocolate candies. Gently press the antennae into the frosting at the head of the butterfly. Snip a 1/8 inch corner from the bag with the chocolate frosting. Starting at the antennae, pipe 4 or 5 beads of frosting down the length of the body, drawing the frosting into a small point on the last bead. Arrange the cupcakes close together on a serving platter.

****I only made the larger butterfly wings***

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6 Response to "Happy Spring!!"

  1. Molly Jean Said,

    Flippin' adorable! Just too cute... I'd love to give these a whirl.

    Would you mind sending me the template?

    therookiechef @ hotmail dot com

    Again, looks great!


  2. Erin Said,

    These are so cute!


  3. Anonymous Said,

    Those butterflies look so cool!


  4. Cindy Said,

    I looked these up in the book last night, they are a lot of work, aren't they? but so darn cute!!!


  5. Anonymous Said,

    aww these are super cute!