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Disclaimer: My pictures are not the best, they were taken with my iphone. SORRY!

We have lived right down the street from this place for 4 years and have never been. I had to write a paper on German food and beer for a class so we decided to check out Schnitzel Platz last night. We made reservations so we were seated right away when we arrived. There was live entertainment, two men, playing polka music, I must admit it was quite enjoyable to watch and to listen to, even though I must say I am not a fan of polka music. Right after the bat, I ordered myself a german beer, yeah its a liter, but you have to go big when you go to these types of places.

I had the Spatenbräu for $11.99, it was mild with a "wheaty" taste. Very smooth and pleasant. I would definitely recommend it. Ben had a coke, he doesn't really drink, but he tasted my beer and he actually really liked it.

I had the deutsche haus platter for $20.95 It was a platter that included a pan fried breaded pork schnitzel, frikadelle (German chopped steak), assorted sausages, home fries, red cabbage, and sauerkraut. It was very very filling. I feel like I only ate a quarter of it. I love sauerkraut, so that was my favorite part. It was just as good as my mothers recipe. The pork schnitzel was great and very juicy. The home fries were flavorful and seasoned just right. I would recomend this entree for someone that wanted to get the german experience, you get to try a little bit of everything.

Ben had the Wiener Schnitzel with french fries for $19.95. He really enjoyed it and had no leftovers, so that was a sign of some good food.

Here is a picture of the guys playing polka. Sorry the picture isn't very clear.

We opted to take our dessert to go, we shared a piece of German chocolate cake. It was kind of dry, not my favorite, but the rest of the meal really impressed both Ben and I.

All in all if you are ever in the Western Suburbs of Chicago try this place out. You will have a very filling meal and a fun experience.

Check it out!!

Schnitzel Platz

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