Practical Exams

Posted by Lindsey On 8:02 AM

This week has been very stressful, but now is finally over. We had our practical exams at school. Basically we had to cook and bake for our instructors and they graded us based on how well we did.

In my cooking class we had to make rice pilaf, steamed broccoli, and chicken with fines herbe sauce. We had to also fabricate a chicken.

(This picture is from when I practiced at home.)
I got 382/400. My broccoli was too salty and my instructor said that I could have rendered my chicken a little longer. He said that I fabricated my chicken beautifully. :)

In my baking class we had to make a yeast bread, laminated bread (rolled in with butter) and a quick bread. My partner and I made croissants, soft roll dough made into loafs, and biscuits.

Our bread after we got graded, we had already eaten some of the bread lol.

My partner Liz and I with our bread.

We got 84/100. We forgot to egg wash our loafs and we didn't wrap up on croissants tight enough. Oh and our loafs weighed too much.

The good news is I added up all my points for both classes and I am getting straight A's this semester! I am very proud of myself and this is the 3rd semester of straight A's for me! wooohooo!!!!

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2 Response to "Practical Exams"

  1. wifeplzak Said,

    glad your exams went well! I finished up mine last night and got a 98% so I'm pumped as well. Enjoy your break!


  2. Joelen Said,

    Good job on your exams! :)