I'm in heaven!!

Posted by Lindsey On 12:46 PM

I love anything pomegranate flavored but have never actually bought a pomegranate until this weekend. Today I cut it up, it was a lot easier to cut then I thought! Here are step by step instructions.

Choose a pom that is heavy for its size. Color and external blemishes are no indication of quality.

Cut off the top (crown) of the pom with a sharp knife.

Make shallow cuts across the pom from top to bottom, all the way around. I did about 6 cuts.

Break apart the pom under water, so the juice will not squirt on you, it stains! It is pretty easy just to break apart with your hands. The seeds will fall to the bottom of your bowl and the membrane will rise to the top. Skim the top of your water to get all the membrane out.

Drain the water from the bowl and make sure you get all the membrane out. You may the seeds whole or use them for several different things.

Like topping yogurt! YUM!!!

Here are some good links on these amazing fruits.

How to cut open a Pom-where I got all this wonderful info!
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Pom Wonderful-Love this stuff!

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  1. KMAYS Said,

    That looks delicious. I haven't managed to try working with a pomegranate myself yet.