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Posted by Lindsey On 9:11 AM

Stephanie over at Dispensing Happiness hosted the Blogging by Mail event. This time around I decided to sign up. The theme of the exchange was 10 items or less. I got a package from Cindy in IA. I certainly got spoiled and I love everything and can't wait to start using my new goodies!! It kinda felt like Christmas morning opening my box of amazing stuff!!!

Here are all my goodies

She got me Food Writer Edible Color Markers in Primary and Neon Colors. These are so cool and I can't wait to start decorating with them!

I also got the book Hello Cupcake by Karen Tack and Alan Richardson. The cupcakes in this book are really works of arts and I am looking forward to trying these recipes. Keep a lookout for them on here in the future.

3 mini muffin pans which I really wanted and needed!

Cute Halloween spatulas and flower cookie cutter set.

Chocolate Pumpkin and marizpan Pigs.

Assortment of Powdered Food Colorings. I have never seen these before. Can't wait to try them out!

Silicone Baking Cups, I dont have any of these and have always wanted them!!

A Cookie Press!! yay!

Silicone Baking Mat! (an added bonus their is a recipe for black and white cookies on the box that I am totally going to try!)

Thank you so much Cindy! I love everything and cannot wait to start using it all!

I sent my package to TX to Marci over at Pieces.

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3 Response to "Blogging by Mail"

  1. Those marzipan pigs represent Iowa, which is where I am from, I am so glad you liked your items!!


  2. supermom Said,

    my mom always goes OTT! so glad you like your stuff.


  3. Claudia Said,

    You are a lucky girl! The entire set for the most gorgeous cupcakes.

    Go for it!