Best thing about having this blog

Posted by Lindsey On 3:13 PM

The best thing about having this blog, besides from getting to showcase my love for food,is getting sent free chocolate. I have gotten several different flavors of chocolate from TCHO, and was excited to come home today to a package with some new chocolate. This time it was Citrus (from their website, cause I am not good at describing things, Citrus has citrusy zing that ends with a rich, sour cream finish) After trying it I was impressed, as I always am with Tcho Chocolate. The flavor is rich and very pleasing to the mouth. I hope to be so lucky to continue to be one of their guinea pigs.

This time they sent me a citrus bar and some citrus cocoa nibs (which I am going to experiment with next week)

Here is the TCHO store, I highly suggest you try these amazing chocolates!!

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  1. brettinsky Said,

    Yum! Citrus-y chocolate-jealous!