School Update

Posted by Lindsey On 10:58 AM

Baking Class

This class is honestly a lot of fun. So far we have made Danishes, Artisan Breads, Sourdough Bread, Pate de Chox, Brownies, Sweet Rolls, and a ton of yeast breads. We get more into pastry and deserts next semester. I am learning a lot about working in a professional kitchen. Baking at home and baking in a professional kitchen are totally different. So far I am doing very well in the class. Most of the work done for class in done in class, we have tests to take weekly, but we take those online at our own time.

Cooking Class

This class has also been interesting. It is a lot more lenient as far as recipes go. So far we have made some soups (cream of broccoli, corn chowder, puree of lentil)some sauces (bechamel, tomato, espagnole, veloute, demi glace) Steamed Broccoli, Green Beans with Walnuts, Grilled Vegetables, and Tempura Vegetables. Next week we start on grains, starches and beans (whipped potatoes, pilaf, risotto, wild rcie..etc) I have been getting a lot better with my technical skills especially my knife skills. One thing that I have learned is when you are cooking something, you should always get your mise en place (which means to get everything in place, basically do all your prep work and have everything ready to cook) ready before you start. It saves a lot of time and makes you better prepared.

All in all everything is going great. I love what I am doing and am glad I am learning and getting better at it. I keep on wanting to take pictures of what we are doing in class, but I always forget my camera. I will try to update again next weekend.

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