Weekly School Update

Posted by Lindsey On 9:00 PM

I am going to try to update what we do in school weekly.

In my cooking class we picked out partners to work with for the rest of the semester and we got a tour of the kitchen, pantry, bakeshop, etc. Then we learned different vegetable cuts (batonnet, julienne, dice) We are going to learn more next week. We cut up celery, onion and carrots. I of course was the first person in my class to cut themselves. All is ok though, it was minor and no damage was done. I forgot to bring my camera for this class (both days) so no pictures, hopefully I will have some next week.

In my baking class we grouped up in groups of four, who we will work with for the rest of the semester. We also toured everything. On Tuesday we made the sponge for what we were baking today. Today we baked some artisan breads (traditional and old fashion) We were lucky enough to be able to take a loaf of each home with us. As you can see in the pictures, Ben and I really enjoyed them. I can tell that this class is going to be so rewarding and fun.

Don't mind my nasty hair, I was wearing a toque for 5 hours.

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  1. Bob in Boise Said,

    I took classes in baking and pastry at a community college in the Seattle area in the late 1970's. I loved it. I worked worked for several hotels doing pastries and breads in the Boise area before I had to move on. I discovered that if you weren't the owner or the executive chef there was no money in it, at least for me. Still as I look back at all the things I have done over the years those were my favorite and most rewarding jobs.

    Bob in Boise