First week of class done

Posted by Lindsey On 7:18 AM

Well the first week was pretty uneventful. We basically just got our syllabus and got a tour of the kitchen, bake shop, etc. Tomorrow we actually start doing some knife drills, cutting up some onions and vegetables. I am so motivated to do well in what I am doing now. I never thought that I could be so happy with what I learning. I am actually motivated to do my homework and study for class.

In other news, we met our new puppy yesterday.

Meet Daphne!

She is a spunky little cutie pie and we love her already.

In other news we will be in NY next weekend for a Bar Mitzvah. It should be fun. It is in a castle (Rye Castle)
If anyone has any restaurant recommendations around the Chappaqua area, please let me know. Thanks!!

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