Blake from Blake Makes was having a giveaway for a jar of Mcquade Celtic Chutney-Fig and Ginger. All we had to do was suggest what we would do with the chutney and the best answers got a jar. Well luckily I won a jar. These were my suggestions on what to make with it.

I think I would roast a ham using the chutney as a glaze. That sounds good to me!!

or maybe a sandwich with roasted turkey, with sliced pears, brie cheese and the chutney.

So needless to say I made the sandwich today. I actually forgot my suggestion of using brie cheese and had bought sharp cheddar at the store, so I used that instead. The sandwich was very good. When eating it I felt like I was eating a sandwich from a hip unique cafe. I love the way the pear tastes with the chutney. I highly recommend you check out Mcquades Celtic Chutney. I want to buy more so we have enough to glaze a ham for my other idea.

Basically this is just a sandwich with sourdough bread, sharp cheddar, hickory roasted turkey and sliced pears.

The Chutney and Sliced pears

With the Turkey and Cheese added


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  1. alison Said,

    mmmm - looks delicious lyndsey!