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Posted by Lindsey On 9:43 PM

I just joined Weight Watchers...I plan on making lots of new healthy WW friendly recipes so keep a look out for that! If you have any types or ideas please let me know!! I am doing the flex plan. I signed up for the online program, so hopefully it will I will be successful with that. I might end up buying the monthly pass so I can also go to the meetings.

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  1. Brittany Said,

    yay for you!!! i'm on weight watchers too. i had a food blog and then deleted it and made a WW blog and need to add some recipes and foods to it. i have a few really good links to recipes. one is:

    the other, i'm not sure of off the top of my head, but if you search for weight watchers recipe circus. it's the person by the screenname awsum and some numbers.

    trisha and dori from the what's cooking board have some great WW friendly blogs.