Diet Soda Cupcakes....

Posted by Lindsey On 9:40 AM

I made these for Ben for our 4 year dating anniversary, I have been hearing about this recipe for cupcakes and was hesitant to try it, but honestly they tasted great and you couldn't even tell that you use diet soda instead of eggs and oil..I made funfetti cupcakes and used diet A&W cream soda. I had to had icing for Ben, so I am not sure what the weight watchers points are for these. Good thing I just snuck one in before I frosted them..

I am not sure where the recipe originated from, but I got it from the girls on The Nest..

Diet Soda Cake
1 package chocolate cake mix
12 ounce diet cola


1. Combine cake mix and can of diet soda; cook as per directions on cake box. Makes 24 cupcakes.

You can basically use any combo of cake and soda you want...

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