Super H Mart

Posted by Lindsey On 1:04 PM

Ben and I both love asian food, and Ben spent a semester in Japan in college..So we were happy to find out about Super H Mart. It is a huge asain mart, and there is one right by us..Ben is always looking for a specific kind of sake, but he can never find we thought we would see if this place had it..they didn't but we still left with tons of goodies.. I will post reviews of everything once we have tried it..

This stuff is amazing!!! We both have had it before...Its Sriracha hot sauce and we basically put it on anything and everything!!

I was snacking on these last night....very very good! What can get better than chocolate and macadamia nuts??

Cant wait to use this for sushi!!

Not sure what I am going to do with these yet...they will be good in salads! Sorry the pic is upside down!

I love love love pickled ginger! I can just eat this stuff plain! haha

Shrimp Noodles...Good for a cold night!

Who doesn't love spicy ramon noodles?

Ben's not sure what he wants to do with them

Cinnamon Sticks for cheap!!

Junk food, but who doesn't love pocky!!!

*We also bought dumplings filled with pork and shitake mushrooms..we are having those tonight for dinner so Ill post a blog with pictures then*

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2 Response to "Super H Mart"

  1. MrsPresley Said,

    i love pocky sticks! they were a favorite childhood snack of mine :) i just wish we lived closer to a big asian market... we're about 25 minutes from one now (even in dallas!) but at least we have one w/in driving distance i guess.


  2. Ally Said,

    I puffy heart that chili sauce! Looks like you have a lot of great products!