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Posted by Lindsey On 7:42 PM

ok well I recently made the brave decision to change my major....I was in Early Childhood Education for many years, but It honestly never really made me really happy. I was going in a direction in my school and career that I didn't really want. So I changed my major to Culinary Arts. I know its crazy, but honestly its what I LOVE to do. I spend my free time trying new recipes, looking at recipes online and visiting online culinary message boards. I am intrigued by new foods and trying new foods. The only problem is that my hubby is the pickiest eater I have ever known. His diet consists of pasta, pasta, and pasta and once in awhile he will eat some beef. Its crazy. I am wanting to try all these new restaurants in Chicago, but I know half of them he wont even go to. I guess I need to start making some new friends here in Chicago. Anyways today I went to the grocery store for fun...yes its crazy I know. I walked through all the aisles and just looked at the products thinking of recipes. It was fun...I actually picked up some stuff for the next few nights dinners. Tonight we had turkey burgers...I added garlic and cilantro and butter to mine before we grilled was very tasty. Tommorow night Im making BBQ ribs in the crock pot, i've never done this so we will see how that goes. Ill post pics. Tonight I also made a orange dreamsicle cake...i havent frosted it yet, so Ill post pics of that tommorow also. OK well thats it for now...hope everyone had a great dinner and see you tommorow!!

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